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Kairos volunteers serve in over 400 prisons in 9 countries and 32 states of the USA. Each country will have its own executive body and may adapt to the requirements of its local laws and institutions. However, the same core values, resources and course structure are used throughout. Communications between Kairos participants in different countries occurs through the creation of "agape" such as posters in which one Kairos group offer encouragement to another.

USA: In the US Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside and Kairos Torch is supported by a staff of 12 and has over 36,000 volunteers donating more than three (3) million hours of service each year. Link: Kairos Prison Ministry inc.

SOUTH AFRICA: The first Kairos weekend was held in a South African prison in December 1998. Since then the ministry has grown significantly and into many regions. Link: Kairos S.A.

AUSTRALIA: Around Australia, Kairos is operating in over 20 correctional centres, Kairos Outside in over 11 regions and Kairos Torch in 2 juvenile facilities. Kairos Australia is in a growth phase, with regional and developmental committees in all states and territories planning and negotiating new opportunities. Link: Kairos Australia

CANADA: Link: Kairos Prison Ministries Canada