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Kairos Outside

Spouses, parents and relatives of the imprisoned often “do time” right along with their loved ones. It is important for them to know that they are not alone and that there is a Christian community that cares. Kairos Outside is designed to support the families of imprisoned men, women and juveniles. Any adult female family member whose life has been impacted by the imprisonment of a loved one is eligible to attend a Kairos Outside weekend.

The purpose of the Kairos Outside programme is to exhibit Godʼs grace and love through Christian support for women who have loved ones who are or who have been imprisoned.

Kairos Outside began in 1989 as an idea from the chaplain at San Quentin State Correctional Facility in California after the first Kairos Prison Ministry retreat. He felt, as did many involved in the ministry, that those who became involved in the Kairos programme were now open to family unity, more so than ever before.

Kairos Outside is a blend of the ʻfree worldʼ three day short course on Christianity called Cursillo (which spawned Kairos) and also the Kairos Inside course. The team consists of concerned, committed Christians who believe in these hurting women and want to encourage them on their lifeʼs journey.

The Kairos Outside weekend is based on a series of talks by women sharing their lifeʼs journey. The Guests review the talks in small family groups. The programme is interspersed with music, prayer, fun activities, and general pampering. The weekend is Christian in nature, although no religious affiliation is necessary to attend. After the weekend, the women journey together through “reunion” meetings where there is encouragement for each other on their life impacted by imprisoned loved ones.

In the UK Kairos Outside is bring considered for 2019

Here is a video from Kairos USA about Kairos Inside:


  • Kairos Inside
    Kairos Inside

    Well trained volunteer teams of men and women from the communities surrounding a prison present a 4 day event, described as a short course in Christianity. This inter denominational team of volunteers – both clergy and laypersons – work with the Chaplain who selects up to 24 participants to attend the event. This is followed by weekly or monthly reunion visits to the participants.

  • Kairos Outside
    Kairos Outside

    Kairos Outside is a special weekend retreat designed to support the women family members of men and women who are or have been in prison. In a safe environment with loving people, women interact with other women who are in similar situations and learn to form small groups to support and give them strength for the challenges they face.

  • Kairos Torch
    Kairos Torch

    Kairos Torch is the youth division of Kairos Prison Ministry.  Torch volunteers mentor youth who are serving time in prison. It’s amazing to see the power of a caring Christian adult speak into the life of these teenage girls and boys. We literally sit on the front row seat of a miracle as God changes these young lives from crime to productive, successful citizens!


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Participant Testimonies

  • "hate into love"

    "Kairos changes hate into love resentment into forgiveness, loneliness into companionship.  Many people from the outside came into that weekend to form a Kairos team. That team is still with us all the way."

  • "where I went wrong"

    "Being on Kairos makes you realise where you went wrong and what you want out of life."

  • "my best week ever"

    "I have been in Prison for 19 years. This Kairos week has been my best week ever, nothing else comes near it."

  • "helped more on Kairos"

    "I have been helped more on Kairos than by the many years of therapy I have received"

  • "I hated religion"

    "I thought Christianity was just about going to church. I have always been open about how I hated religion and despised Christians. But I have received so much love from you, this week, I see things different now and I know I want more of what you have got in my life."

  • "reach your hand out"

    "For the first time in my life I realise that when you reach your hand out it should be to help someone not to rob them."